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Dovalina’s Catering & Events is owned & operated by a Chef focused husband and wife team. Guillermo & Danielle Dovalina call the Emerald Coast home but their story starts much farther away. A dream born in Los Angeles comes to fruition with wood fired ovens, food trucks, catering & the Gulf of Mexico.

Southern in her roots, Danielle grew up in Knoxville Tn and attended Walters State Culinary with a degree in Culinary Arts and Business management. “I took a chance & was hired with Wolfgang Puck Catering in Los Angeles straight out of Culinary School.” Danielle continued to work at H&H Catering moving her way up from Cook to Saucier, then Kitchen Manager of LA Live Catering and finely Executive Chef. Danielle was the youngest executive female chef with the company at the time. “That’s when I first met Guillermo, I hired him.”

A California native, Guillermo Dovalina III grew up in Sacramento and attended Le Cordon Bleu in Los Angeles. “I was intimidated by Danielle, as you are with most good looking women. The whole kitchen went out for drinks one day after the Grammys. She let her hair down and I fell in love instantly.” Guillermo progressed and transferred to Wolfgang Puck Fine Dinning, working at WP Bar & Grill. “I started out on Garde Manger, but what I really wanted to learn were pizzas.” Guillermo’s passion for pizza was ignited, he learned and excelled as a pizzaiolo, but something was missing…..

“We worked different schedules, passing each other like ships in the night.” Danielle, remembering her summer trips to the Emerald Coast, decided to put their dream into action! “We loved the company we worked for, but we wanted to work together again. I vacationed here every summer growing up. I have always been in love with the Gulf of Mexico.” Guillermo and Danielle moved across country with a dream of owning and running a gourmet wood fired pizza food truck. “It’s so funny to think that a dream of gourmet pizza has expanded to so much more, in so short a time.” The Dovalina’s now own and run two mobile food trucks as well as a catering company. 

“Our catering truly started out as word of mouth, being referred to one client at a time.” After the Dovalina’s started working larger events, they began gaining followers and respect. Now the Dovalina’s cater to the entire Emerald Coast and can design a chef focused menu just for you.

Based in Panama City Beach | Serving the Emerald Coast

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